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Two years HelioSphera: Greece First PV Exporter | Europe

Two years HelioSphera: Greece First PV Exporter

Two years after the inauguration ceremony of the first ultra high-tech production facility in Greece (Tripolis), HelioSphera is still one of the largest Thin-Film Micromorph Photovoltaic Production facilities in Europe with an annual production capacity exceeding 60MW. Being one of the biggest high-technology investments in Greece during the last years, exceeding EUR 200M, the company is aiming to the development of Greek, European and Global Photovoltaic market and to the gradual industry shift towards the cutting edge Thin-Film technology.

With the vision to provide the planet with beautiful, easy-to-access, solar power solutions of high return of investment, Micromorph Thin-Film panels of HelioSphera are suitable for all types of installations (field, roof top). Due to the product unique aesthetic integrity, HelioSphera?s panels are exceptional for BIPV installations covering all contemporary building requirements.

The equipment and expertise in production are coming from the Global Swiss technology leader Oerlikon. Using this solid technological background and in conjunction with a fully automated production line and significant economies of scale, HelioSphera contributes actively to reducing the cost of solar electricity

HelioSphera products are produced according to the highest international Quality standards and have significant advantages in comparison to conventional Solar technologies. They offer high electricity yield in low sunlight (diffuse radiation), in partial shade conditions and in high temperatures conditions, when conventional Solar technologies have significant losses or no output at all.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-11-21