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Romax plans 40% company growth on "breakthrough solution" | Europe

Romax plans 40% company growth on "breakthrough solution"

Romax has launched a new product and service platform named Insight, which it claims will significantly reduce the cost of wind energy, making wind farms more profitable. The company believes that Insight can improve returns on wind assets by between three and six per cent.

Romax anticipates that Insight, which has been unveiled at EWEA in Copenhagen, will create a new product category for the wind sector. The company anticipates that this development will double its own growth rate to 40 per cent per annum.

Insight comprises key technologies that enable wind farm operators to visualize fleet performance and predict the remaining operating life of wind turbines down to gearbox and drive-train level. The product is built on the company?s 20-year's experience studying gearbox failure and wind turbine service data. The launch is the culmination of a five-year programme that attempts to ?model out? the reasons for failure and create predictive tools that are accurate, reliable and easy to use.

Romax Director, Andy Poon explains: ?If you want a wind farm, or any other power generation asset, to achieve maximum output, you need to know both its current condition and what its future condition will be. You also need to know the necessary changes required in order to enhance its future performance.
?It is also important to ensure that maintenance is undertaken in an optimum way. INSIGHT has been developed to meet these requirements.?

Insight comprises three core elements:
Insight Inspection and Analysis draws on the company?s deep experience of forensic engineering, studying machine behaviour and field services to tackle maintenance issues.
Insight Intelligent Diagnostic System (IDS) is a holistic diagnostics platform that integrates vibration, SCADA and maintenance record data to provide precise visualization of fleet condition.

Insight Scada is a powerful control and data acquisition platform developed in conjunction with leading wind asset owners and wind asset operators, providing real time visibility, control and recording analytics.

Romax Director, Andy Poon said: ?Our whole Insight philosophy is based around the position that drawing on our experience and data and using some very clever algorithms and information, we can give our clients a far greater insight into their assets and significantly increase their yield.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-05-03