Over 100 billion RMB business opportunities to China solar energy industry

According to the "Industry Energy Saving in 'Twelfth Five-year Plan'" program released by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) and the "Notice on Building Energy Saving" by MOHURD, there will be over 100 billion RMB business opportunities to solar energy industry, ranging from solar energy heating, drying, air-conditioning to solar energy power.

China will start the demonstration of "National Large Public Building Energy Saving Retrofitting Program" in the second half year of 2012. According to the statistics of China Energy Conservation Association, the total building energy saving retrofitting program will bring solar thermal energy industry 4 billion RMB market share to if calculating the cost of 100 RMB per sqm. of solar thermal energy usage. Moreover, it can save about 20 million tons of coal consumption and reduce 40 million tons of CO2 emission if 50% of total boilers are solar boilers instead.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-04-02