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Opsun Energy develops new tool to analyze photovoltaic modules | Europe

Opsun Energy develops new tool to analyze photovoltaic modules

Opsun Energy has developed new tool to analyze photovoltaic modules in order to guarantee proper working of this type of equipment.
By applying this tool working of modules affected by different anomalies (shadowed areas or manufacturing process defects) can be evaluated, combining both termography inspection and analysis of main working parameters of modules adjusting obtained records to specific weather conditions according to development of each analysis.
On the other hand, Opsun Energy has carried out the audit phase based on the thermographic analysis of two different PV plants up to 30 MW installed power. Considering these projects, different PV projects up to 50 MW have been analysed throughout 2011 which means 262.000 checked panels as well as the rest of equipments that compose these plants.
The works have been carried out by duly qualified staff members (ITC) and serve as a framework for the technical services that Opsun Energy is currently developing at PV plants in order to guarantee an optimum performance for the installed equipments in the several stages in which the project has been established (Provisional Reception, completion of the Guarantee Period, Purchasing and Selling processes, etc.) both on a national and international level.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-01-04