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Oettinger at EPIA AGM: Europe “must do more” to boost PV | Europe

Oettinger at EPIA AGM: Europe ?must do more? to boost PV

EU Energy Commissioner GĂ¼nther Oettinger told EPIA Members gathered at our Annual General Meeting in Brussels on 22 March 2012 that Europe must do more to ensure that PV can become competitive and ?a significant part of future energy growth.? The Commissioner also said that Europe should discuss ?an ambitious new target for renewables in 2030?.

?The PV sector has matured rapidly,? said Commissioner Oettinger. ?You generate jobs, growth, investment, and technology innovation in Europe and indeed around the world. PV will be a significant part of future energy growth as the world moves towards a sustainable energy sector. You are growing more competitive every day, and this must continue to be the case. We will do what is in our power to facilitate this.?

The Commissioner also addressed the need for stability and reliability of support schemes for PV in Europe and criticised some countries for introducing changes too ?abruptly.?

?I am concerned that such changes create investor uncertainty across Europe,? he said. ?They undermine the credibility of the renewable energy sector as a sound investment opportunity, with spillover effects well beyond individual technologies and indeed well beyond the national boundaries of individual Member States. And yet the thousands of jobs that we want and expect to be created in Europe in this sector depend on attracting such investment.?
By Craig Winneker, Head of Political Communications, Epia.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-04-18