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Nanoparticles: small but powerful! | Europe

Nanoparticles: small but powerful!

"Nano" comes from Ancient Greek and means "dwarf" - but the possible applications of these particles measuring no more than 100 billionths of a millimeter are huge.

Nanoparticles are no longer science fiction, but a part of our daily lives. In toothpastes they improve tooth mineralization; microscopic silver particles in packaging have an antibacterial effect that preserves perishable products longer; special clay particles are used for gas- and water-impermeable films. Nanotechnology makes ceramic transparent and metals into semiconductors, and are the basis for extremely strong fibers that are also lighter than any other material. In medicine, nanoparticles could someday destroy tumors without surgery, or be used in nanoparticle-supported gene therapy or tissue engineering.

In other words, the potential uses are vast. Exploring them further is a declared goal of the German government, which provides some ?370 million of public funding each year to advance German initiatives to the leading edge of European nano research. Government estimates indicate that experts expect a global, cross-sector market volume of more than a billion euros in 2015.

The theme stand World of Nano in Hall 2 is a central platform at HANNOVER MESSE 2012, with the latest technological developments, processes and research from the world of nanotechnology. Among the focus topics are nanomaterials, molecular architectures, lithography and electronics, ultra-precise surface processing, measurement and analysis of nanostructures, ultrathin coatings and nanobiotechnology. It stands out as a potential key technology, among other things for bottom-up production processes (e.g. dendrimers), neuro-electronic interfaces and hybrid systems or biological coatings.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-12-23