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Mage Powertec Plus modules are PID-resistant | Europe

Mage Powertec Plus modules are PID-resistant

The MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules provided by the international supplier of photovoltaic system components are PID-resistant. The tests at Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in Neu-Isenburg confirmed this. Potential induced degradation (PID) means the power loss in a module that can occur when there is a combination of high voltage, high temperatures and high humidity.
Consequently, the MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules were tested for PID under the currently specified test conditions of -1,000 volts, 25 degrees centigrade and a humidity of 85 percent. As a result, precise reference values were obtained that allow comparison with products from other market participants. Both the monocrystalline and the polycrystalline MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules from the Ravensburg photovoltaics system supplier achieved above-average values. Modules are considered PID-resistant if they lose less than five percent of their nominal power under standardized test conditions.
The PID-resistance underlines the excellent quality of the high-performance MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules and their individual components, which are attuned perfectly in the module design to work together. To continually check these high quality and performance standards for the modules, MAGE SOLAR formed a partnership with UL back in June 2011. In addition to the PID test performed, UL also conducts yield tests and tests to obtain the module certifications required for admission to the market.
"PID-resistance is an additional quality feature of our modules," according to Norbert Philipp, CEO of MAGE SOLAR AG. "Thanks to continual further development, the on-going quality assurance process and inspections by international test institutes, we ensure the reliability and long operating life of our products. As a result, we can provide a 10-year product and 30-year performance warranty for our MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules."
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-03-14