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KEI makes electric wiring safer with their house wires range | Asia Pacific

KEI makes electric wiring safer with their house wires range

KEI Industries presents their house wire range comprising of three brands namely Homecab, Banfire and Conflame. This product range is tested in NABL accredited labs which is considered as the highest decree of recognition for being a competent laboratory in India, thus ensuring products high quality. The technology that goes into the manufacturing of the cables ensures that they have high accuracy and consistency in their performance.

Wiring is the lifeline of any building or an establishment, hence wiring should always be of excellent quality. As most of the wiring these days is concealed beyond the walls and the condition of the wires cannot be seen on a day to day basis or until there is a mishap. So seeing to it that quality wire are laid down during the construction stage is of utmost importance. The house wire range from KEI, consisting of three wires, are designed so that each one has an unique properties which makes electric wiring even more safe & secure.

Homecab has fire resistant properties and is equipped with specially formulated insulation, which enables the wire to withstand overloads preventing electric mishaps. Presence of specially formulated PVC compound provides high resistance, aging & cracking specially in bathroom, kitchen?s damp walls. This product is best suitable for homes and is also good for the manufacturing plants/units of the chemical industry.

Banfire is a zero halogen flame retardant (ZHFR) superior quality wire which is 100% free from PVC and has eco-friendly insulation which doesn?t melt or drip in case of a fire. Another interesting quality of Banfire is that it does not emit poisonous or toxic fumes in case of fire and thus enables safe evacuation, in case of fire.

Conflame is a flame retardant low smoke (FRLS) wire and the FR compound restricts the spread of fire. This wire is shielded by specially formulated PVC compound which emits minimum smoke and thereby reduces the risk of injury unlike normal PVC which emits black smoke and toxic fumes, in case of fire.
Banfire and Conflame due to their inherent qualities are best suited for wiring in hospitals, hotels, business establishments and high rise buildings where fire can be detrimental.

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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-10-21