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Isofoton signs an agreement with the president of the Dominican Republic | Latinamerica

Isofoton signs an agreement with the president of the Dominican Republic

A meeting attended by representatives of the Malaga-based company Isofoton and the President of the Dominican Republic was held yesterday at the Palacio Nacional in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. Several members of the Dominican government were also in attendance, including the Minister for the Presidency, Cesar Pina Toribio, and the Minister for Industry and Commerce, Manuel Garcia Arevalo, along with President of the CNE (National Energy Commission), Enrique Ramirez.
The meeting resulted in the signing of an agreement to build a 50 MW pilot solar power plant in the Dominican Republic. This plant will be a benchmark in Latin America, where the growth potential of the photovoltaic industry is enormous. This is true both for self-sufficiency - particularly rural electrification projects - and for the development of photovoltaic plants in countries with abundant supplies of sunlight.
The meeting discussed the need to transform the Dominican Republic's energy mix towards one less reliant on oil and other fossil fuels. As ISOFOTON's President Angel Luis Serrano noted, "this transformation should take place as quickly as possible, to ensure greater economic and environmental sustainability for this beautiful island, and Isofoton unconditionally supports this ambitious goal".
Isofoton also declared its support for the country's local work force by confirming its goal of becoming a bridge between the Universities of Malaga and Seville and the Dominican Republic, to promote the training of local talent in the area of renewable energy.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-09-21