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ISOFOTON President inaugurates a school in China in the 2008 earthquake area | Asia Pacific

ISOFOTON President inaugurates a school in China in the 2008 earthquake area

Funded by the AFFIRMA group, which owns ISOFOTON, the College has been built in Luojiang City, in northern Sichuan province, less than 100 kilometres from the earthquake epicentre and 80 kilometres from the city of Chengdu. The population of 200,000 inhabit a very beautiful area, whose main sources of income are agriculture and manufacturing.
The college, which will teach the Spanish language and culture, will feature all types of facilities (Internet), as well as a kindergarten, a residence for Spanish teachers, a dining room, library and sports facilities. The AFFIRMA group will also grant college students scholarships to pursue higher studies and once they complete their school training they will have the opportunity to join the Business Group.

Local authorities representing Sichuan Education Department, the City Council of Luojiang and the Committee of the Communist Party of China attended the opening ceremony along with the President of ISOFOTON.

During the ceremony, the President of ISOFOTON Angel Luis Serrano, said: "on behalf of the group that I direct, I am honoured to open this Spanish-Chinese college, the fruit of our commitment to help the disadvantaged. We are confident that it will serve to promote relations between our two countries, Spain and China, with whom we already share so much. In this area there is a great demand for professionals who can speak Spanish, but they are in short supply. This school was a necessity which we are extremely pleased to be able to fulfil".
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Posted by Gisela Bühl | 2011-10-10