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Invest in Photonics 2012 expands and introduces new program | Europe

Invest in Photonics 2012 expands and introduces new program

Invest in Photonics (R), a two-day international business partnering convention focused exclusively on photonics VC investment, places photonics investors in pole position for new business opportunities and promotes Europe?s mandate to stimulate development and competitiveness in photonics markets. Photonics is one of five key enabling technologies the European Commission has designated for Europe?s future prosperity.

The third biennial event will be held in Bordeaux, France, December 12-13, 2012, and offers an enriched program with emphasis on the three important fast-growth markets for the photonics industry: cleantech, health and consumer products, as well as trends in Asia. By enlarging its scope, the event will also broaden the type and number of companies potentially selected to receive funding. Organizers expect 300 in attendance, more than double the number of delegates present in 2010.

?In 2012, we are starting to see unparalleled new opportunities emerging in the photonics area and investor interest has dramatically increased. More than ever Invest in Photonics is the right event at the right time and is still the only such investment program focused exclusively on photonics,? said Giorgio Anania, chairman of Invest in Photonics 2012. ?The third edition is a result of the high level of demand we have received and will be larger than previous events with significantly more participating companies, world-class speakers from end-user industries and a special new focus on particular markets. It?s an unique occasion in Europe to spot new opportunities and to network with the key players in this market.?

Whether in fields such as health, cleantech or consumer applications, photonics has become an important part of every day life. It represents at least ten per cent of the European economy worth EUR 58.5 billion in 2008 (21 per cent of the world market) and employs 290,000 in Europe, which is set to increase as technologies in these areas continue to develop, according to the Photonics21 2011 report on ?The leverage effect of photonics technologies: the European perspective.?

New Program
The 2012 event will, for the first time, focus on the Asian market for photonics. In Asia, photonics-based technologies have multiplied in a number of areas, such as information and communication, where an increasing proportion of optical fibre cables are made overseas with China and India becoming major suppliers; and in screen and display, where the production of components has shifted towards Asia. Other developments in photonics energy systems, including the relocation of advanced lighting and laser diode manufacturing to Asia, have been progressing.

Attendees at Invest in Photonics will debate the potential of this fast growing area and discuss Asian trends and business practices. Talks will outline the reality of the Asian market, the threats and opportunities and offer the data necessary to build a sustainable growth strategy.

Mr. Anania added: ?In the last two years, interest in the photonics area has grown significantly, particularly the explosion of photonics in communications applications and in data centers, which is at the heart of the information technology revolution in which we are living. Big advances in the market for photonics applications have occurred in lighting, life science biophotonics, smartphones and in consumer electronics, of which the cleantech, health and consumer product markets have seen double-digit growth. All of these areas will be the focus of our conference.?

At each Invest in Photonics event, a carefully chosen number of companies present an elevator pitch of their projects to a panel of VCs from around the world, which has helped selected companies raise EUR 37 million in funding to date.

Eric Mottay, CEO, Amplitude Systemes, a developer of diode-pumped ultrafast solid-state lasers, said what he really liked best about Invest in Photonics: ?It?s the only conference that brings together the experts in existing markets, a number of start ups moving into those markets and the VC community. I have always found the event to be very interesting and for me there is nothing else like it for the photonics industry.?
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-03-30