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Indra modernises Sedaşs business platform, one of Turkey's main electricity companies | Mena & Turkey

Indra modernises Sedaş?s business platform, one of Turkey's main electricity companies

Indra, the premier IT company in Spain and a leading IT multinational in Europe and Latin America, has concluded the first phase of the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning for Sakarya Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. (SEDAŞ) which is one of the first privatized electricity distribution companies in Turkey. The objective of the USD 3.5 M project is to modernise the systems platform which supports the business processes of SEDAŞ, which is one of Turkey's main electricity distribution companies that has been privatized on February,11th 2009 and has renewed its organization structure during 3 years and reorganized the company, has opened new Customer Care Centers and improved customer satisfaction with its fast and qualified service, and which has given a start to 5 and 10 year Master Projects. Indra has also recently signed a new agreement with SEDAŞ to undertake the maintenance of its systems for a five year period initially.

The project envisages the implementation of a new ERP under the SAP platform to integrate the management of the financial, logistics and human resources information of SEDAŞ, including control of employees? payrolls. The integration and modernisation of these processes will save operational times and will enhance productivity, thus providing the compant with a firm infrastructure and increase its competitiveness in the utilities sector.

Indra's platform is also prepared to comply with the upcoming regulation changes in the electricity market in the country and to incorporate the new criteria established by the liberalization of the electricity market, where final clients will be able to choose a supplier.

Indra's system will provide SEDAŞ with a highly efficient unified management model to achieve a better control of the business and a major advance in the processes, optimising resources and reducing costs which will in turn lead to improvements in the quality of the services.

For the implementation Indra relied on the participation of experts from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain. Regarding the maintenance team, a local team consisting of Turkish professionals will be appointed to attend the needs that may arise during the operation phase of SEDAŞ' systems.

The agreement reinforces Indra's relation with the CEZ Electricity Group (owner of 50% of SEDAŞ) with previous projects of collaboration and implementation of systems in other companies of the group in countries such as Romania, Bulgaria or the Czech Republic.

SEDAŞ is the supplier and distributor of energy in the regions of Sakarya, Kocaeli, Bolu and Düzce which include 45 districts and 66 towns. The utilities company employs directly and indirectly over 2,000 people and provides services to over 3 million inhabitants.

This new contract reaffirms Indra's position as the technology partner of large corporations and utilities worldwide and boosts Indra's progress in Turkey where the company has been awarded significant projects in Transport and Traffic or Defence and Security. The company is currently working on the deployment of a surveillance network across the air space of Turkey in order to reinforce air traffic management in the country. It also developed a deployable mobile laboratory to analyse and identify chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats (CBRN)
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-04-11