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Independent and cost-effective monitoring solution | Africa

Independent and cost-effective monitoring solution

GeoModel Solar, a leading international provider of solar data and operational PV services, is introducing pvSpot, a new monitoring concept on the market. pvSpot is an online tool that offers accurate yield-to-yield comparison instead of yield-to-irradiance comparison. The energy yield for any PV system can be calculated using real-time solar radiation data from the SolarGIS database. PV electricity production in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East can now be monitored at daily intervals for last calendar months or years, or for a user-specified time interval.
The main advantage of pvSpot is that it provides an independent and reliable analysis of performance of a PV system. pvSpot uses satellite-based solar and meteo data and a new generation software to calculate the expected energy yield of a PV system and does not require installation of any data logger or ground sensors. Hence, simulated yield is not influenced by faulty or ill-maintained sensors. Today, more than 90% of PV systems in Europe are not monitored because of high hardware installation and maintenance costs. pvSpot removes the cost barrier associated with effective monitoring of PV systems.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-04-04