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IBC Solar has its Jura Solar Park connected to the electricity grid | Europe

IBC Solar has its Jura Solar Park connected to the electricity grid

Photovoltaics specialist IBC Solar has successfully started operation of six out of a total of eight partial areas of the Jura solar park. At a total rated power of almost 33MWp, the facility can supply solar-generated electricity to an equivalent of approximately 7,800 average households per year. As a result of this environmentally-friendly electricity production, some 18,000 tons of climate-damaging CO2 can be saved annually.

Following the symbolic ground-breaking by the Bavarian prime minister Horst Seehofer on June 16, 2011, six partial areas of the Jura solar park with a total rated power of approximately 28.5 MWp now started operation. With 145,000 solar modules spread over a total of eight segments, the project uses 80 hectares next to the A70 motorway leading from Bamberg to Bayreuth for the generating solar electricity. This makes the Jura solar park Bavaria?s largest photovoltaics project planned in 2011.

In addition to the segments currently under construction, it is planned to expand the facility by three additional areas which are currently undergoing approval planning. Due to the high capacity of the solar installation, it was necessary to build a dedicated substation supporting a total power of 40 MW which was entirely paid by IBC SOLAR. Connection to the public grid is made via the existing 110 kV high-voltage power line between Kulmbach and W├╝rgau.

About 100 meters wide, the photovoltaics corridor next to the A70 motorway is using a highly polluted, low-value strip of land for environmentally-friendly electricity production. In addition, the town of Buckendorf appreciates the erection of a glare-shield fence. This long-awaited solution leads to improved driving safety and is an effective sound barrier as well. All adjacent villages will also benefit from the upgraded DSL wideband connection which was set up along with the Jura solar park. Apart from the environmental aspects of photovoltaics facilities, these synergies are responsible for the excellent acceptance of this construction project on the part of citizens, communities and districts.

Oliver Partheym├╝ller, project manager at IBC SOLAR Invest GmbH and jointly responsible for the creation of the Jura solar park, said, ?The Jura solar park is a significant climate protection project in and for this region. Three districts joined forces to support Germany?s energy transition. They are convinced that we can autonomously provide all the electricity needed by private homes and businesses. Willing to be a part of this future project, they also benefit from positive side effects including improved internet access and noise protection.?

In addition, citizens from neighbouring communities also have the opportunity to draw financial profits because four of the six partial areas will be marketed as so-called citizen solar parks. When the project will be commercially finalized this summer, residents from the districts of Bamberg, Lichtenfels and Kulmbach will be able to invest in solar energy without operating a photovoltaics array of their own. It is also planned to hold an official launch ceremony for the entire Jura-Solarpark this summer.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-05-07