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Greek hybrid energy production station at the River Dam of Amari Municipality | Europe

Greek hybrid energy production station at the River Dam of Amari Municipality

TERNA Energy proceeded with signing an agreement with the Organization for Development of Western Crete (OADYK). The Agreement concerns the Design, Financing, Construction and Management of a Hybrid energy production station, with guaranteed capacity of 50 MW, at the River Dam of Amari Municipality in the Prefecture of Rethymno, Crete.

Within the production station building, next to the Rivers dam, three reversible units of 25 MW and 10 pumps of 3.20 MW will be installed. The Hybrid Station also includes two wind parks with a total capacity of 81 MW, in the Prefecture of Lasithi. The overall project has obvious benefits in solving Crete?s energy problem and mainly in stabilizing the island?s electric network.

The value of the investment is over 240 mil euro, with clear development benefits, specifically under the current economic conditions, while it is worth noting that a percentage over 70% of the investment?s total value constitutes domestic value added.

It is estimated that during the four-year construction period approximately 800 job positions will be created, while about 30 permanent job positions will be created during the operation period. Significant benefits from the investment will also arise for the Local government, given that on an annual basis an amount of approximately 1.2 mil euro will be provided, while the final amount that will be provided to OADYK annually will be more than double.

What is a Hybrid Station?
1. The Hybrid electric energy station is a RES unit that combines a Hydroelectric Station and a Wind Park.
2. It uses to water tanks, the ?lower? one that is the storage area of the Rivers dam and the ?upper? tank that will be constructed in the Harkia area.
3. With the energy produced by the wind parks that will be constructed for this purpose, the pumps are supplied and a portion of water is transferred from the ?lower? to the ?upper? tank. The reverse movement of water from the ?upper? to the ?lower? tank, operates exactly like a hydroelectric unit, producing ?green? energy and specifically when the region?s electric system requires such (peak unit).

The agreement was signed on 11 January 2012 during a special event that took place at the building of the Rethymno Regional Section, with the presence of the deputy minister of Citizen Protection Mr. Manoli Othonas, the General Secretery of the Decentralized Administration of Crete Mr. Athanasios Karountzos, the Regional Prefect of Crete Mr. Stavros Arnaoutakis, the Vice-Prefects of Crete Ms. Mary Lioni and Mr. Kostas Lambrinos, the Mayor of Amari Mr. Tefanos Simantiras, the Deputy Mayor of Rethymno Mr. Tasos Papadourakis and the representatives of the OADY Management Mr. Ioannis Batzelis and Mr. Evaggelos Mamagakis. GEK TERNA Group was represented by the Group?s Vice-Chairman Mr. Michalis Gourzis, the Chairman of TERNA ENERGY Mr. Giorgos Perdikaris and the Head of Hydroelectric Projects Ms. Gioula Tsiknakou.
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Posted by Gisela Bühl | 2012-01-16