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Fronius opts for safety and flexible communication | Europe

Fronius opts for safety and flexible communication

Just as one exciting year of photovoltaics comes to an end, another one begins. The technical requirements of the future mean that the market and manufacturers are repeatedly facing new challenges. Fronius addresses these requirements and responds to the demands of the PV market in a timely manner. Safety and flexible communication for Fronius inverters ensure that the quality leader stays one step ahead.

The Fronius IG Plus 25 V-1 will be available in all EU countries1 and Australia from the start of 2012. With an output of 2.6 kW, it is the perfect choice for a small family home. The new, single-phase inverter satisfies all the quality criteria of the Fronius IG Plus series: flexibility resulting from HF (high frequency) transformer technology, high annual yield thanks to transformer switchover and outstanding configurability due to the wide MPP voltage range.

The energy management function of the Fronius IG Plus and Fronius CL series enables system operators to use more of their own PV-generated energy. A Fronius Signal Card in the inverter allows a power hysteresis to be configured easily and at no great cost. This means that on/off thresholds can be set on the inverter as units of power (Watts).

The energy management function will be available to European customers from mid-January 2012. The Fronius Signal Card and the firmware update can be retrofitted in Fronius IG Plus devices at any time. The Fronius Signal Card is installed as standard in the Fronius CL.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-12-21