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First supermarket in Portugal and third in Europe, 100% equipped with LED-lighting | Europe

First supermarket in Portugal and third in Europe, 100% equipped with LED-lighting

All existing fluorescent tubes have been replaced by LED-tubes from the European LED-lighting company Unique Lights.

Replacing the lighting systems took place in March 2010 and since April, all energy-consumption has been monitored by Unique Lights and the Intermarché management.
Starting from the beginning it was obvious that the calculated savings, before installation, are conform the reality.

Serge Rossignol, owner of the supermarket explains :
? with the raising costs for energy I started an internal investigation how to save energy in my organisation.
I had already heard from the new LED-lighting techniques and decided to get more information for application of these in my organisation.
I invited 3 companies to do a study and chose already quick for the company Unique Lights, they have a huge experience throughout Europe with these kind of projects and started immediately with a test in the warehouse and offices.
Me, my staff and clients were enthusiast so the decision the rebuild the whole supermarket was made?.

?Now, after 12 months already more than 55.000 kWh are saved, the meat and fresh products last longer, the product-presentation, ambiance and light is perfect and, I have no maintenance anymore?.

With the application of LED-techniques, energy-costs for lighting will reduce with 50 up to 80%, the Return On Investment in case of this Intermarché is 2,5 years and the lifetime of the high quality products from Unique Lights in this supermarket will be around 8 years.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-09-16