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Eurometaux welcomes the Communication: “European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials" | Europe

Eurometaux welcomes the Communication: ?European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials"

The European Non-Ferrous Metals industry Innovation Platform welcomes the Communication on a ?European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials? as a powerful tool whereby to address the hurdles and challenges towards sound access to raw materials and a more resource-efficient economy. Eurometaux calls for swift adoption and action within the EIP on RMI.

The long-term sustainability of several key sectors such as information technology, renewable energy production, automotive and aerospace, along with the achievement of the EU 2020 objectives of moving towards a competitive and sustainable economy, requires undistorted access to all metallic raw materials. Access must be secured not only to critical raw materials, but also to those that constitute the cornerstone of the EU non-ferrous metals industry (copper, zinc, aluminium, etc.).

The societal challenges, as well as the ever-increasing dependency of the EU industry on non-EU countries, highlights the need for innovative solutions to identify, source, extract, process and refine raw materials. Industry is the driving force for innovation, and policy should support a further strengthening of the innovation capacity of European industry.

Eurometaux believes in the value of bridging gaps between public and private actions to reduce the amount of time taken to market research and innovation breakthroughs. Access to innovation funding should be transparent and based on good governance, but it should also avoid unnecessary bureaucratic burdens. Strong cooperation between the EU and Member States is critical to ensure tangible and optimal deliverables.

The EIP on Raw Materials rightly addresses all the aspects of access to raw materials in a full value chain approach encompassing both technological and non-technological challenges. The European non-ferrous metals industry calls for its swift adoption and implementation.

The EU NFM industry has been, and remains, at the front line of innovation technology. Such innovation has helped to reduce plant emissions, process ever more complex raw materials, and contribute to energy-efficient solutions by turning end-of-life material into valuable products. Eurometaux strongly believes that the EIP on Raw Materials is the right tool for the actions that are urgently required, and commits itself, through the preparation of an ambitious road map, to paving the way to the sustainable growth of the EU economy in line with the EU 2020 strategic objectives.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-03-26