Emmvee was the first company use glass innovation in PV modules for higher efficiency

The international PV market keeps changing. There are constantly new claims about efficiency by reducing the sizes of modules (i.e. the space between the frame and the cells). True innovations are more and more seldom.
The module producer Emmvee was the first company to utilise structured glass in order to truly increase the
yield of their modules.
The distinctive feature of that glass, SGG Albarino P and G front glass by Saint-Gobain Solar Glass, is the
optimised surface pattern of the glass allows an increased light input into the module, resulting in an
increase in yield of up to 4% per year.
The solar cells of Emmvee modules are covered with a hardened solar glass panel on the front. On the one
hand, the front glass is to protect the module from environmental influences, above all UV radiation. On the
other hand, it must be extremely transparent and designed in such a way that the modules optimally catch
the light of the sun so that any radiation caught will not be released again, if possible. Emmvee realised the
potential and became the first manufacturer to use the structured front.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-10-21