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Discover storage of self-generated energy with Nedapís PowerRouter at Ecobuild 2012 | Europe

Discover storage of self-generated energy with Nedap?s PowerRouter at Ecobuild 2012

Visitors of next week?s Ecobuild in London will have the opportunity to discover how to make the most of self-generated solar energy with Nedap?s PowerRouter. The PowerRouter - a modular solar inverter with integrated battery manager - converts solar energy and directs it where it is needed, when it is needed. Surplus energy can be stored in batteries for later use, which enables the owner to optimize the use of self-generated energy (self-use) and achieve independence from the grid. The PowerRouter can be remotely monitored and updated through the web portal myPowerRouter.com.

The web portal myPowerRouter.com gives detailed system information on the PowerRouter?s performance. From any computer or mobile device the system owner can monitor the PowerRouter?s solar yield, energy consumption and other detailed system data. The PowerRouter is prepared for remote installation of new firmware, to keep the system up-to-date without service visits on-site. System owners can create several profile settings for the PowerRouter, which give them the flexibility to choose the setting that is economically most attractive. MyPowerRouter.com keeps owners informed about the latest widgets and upgrades, such as the PowerRouter Twitter application that recently has been launched.

Integrated battery manager
The PowerRouter Solar Battery comes with an integrated Battery Manager. With the Battery Manager, generated surplus energy can be stored for later use, which enables the owner to make the most of self-generated energy (self-use). The battery-stored power can also be used as a backup power supply when the grid fails. The Battery Manager keeps connected batteries charged to an optimal level at all times. Optimum charging conditions, damage prevention and accurate battery status information is guaranteed by an integrated shunt, temperature sensor and voltage sense.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-03-16