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Cooper Bussmann offers PV System OEMs more overcurrent protection options up to 1500Vdc | Northamerica

Cooper Bussmann offers PV System OEMs more overcurrent protection options ? up to 1500Vdc

To provide photovoltaic system OEMs greater flexibility in protecting higher power PV strings up to 1500Vdc, Cooper Bussmann, the leader in critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety, has developed a series of 14 x 65mm photovoltaic fuse links.

This new series comprises 15 and 20A ratings at 1500Vdc and 25 and 32A ratings at 1300Vdc, making this the only series to offer these voltage and amp ratings in this package size.

Designed specifically to protect and isolate photovoltaic strings, these high performance fuse links are capable of interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted PV systems ? reverse current, multi-array faults ? and meet the IEC 60269-6 (gPV) standard requirements. UL and CCC accreditation will follow, allowing the selection of one fuse link that meets global acceptance.

The compact size, tag and 10mm fixing options permit easy design and installation without increasing the footprint. The highly thermal conductive ceramic construction reduces operating temperatures for lower watts loss and greater energy efficiency.

Ben Rooke, product manager, comments: ?The use of higher voltages, particularly up to 1000Vdc at present and 1500Vdc in the near future, is becoming the global norm. This in turn puts pressure on PV system OEMs to source and install overcurrent protection solutions that are capable of meeting their requirements. The 14 x 65mm series of PV fuse links offers both performance and package size that is currently unrivalled in the market while delivering a unique solution to OEMs looking at combining space saving with protection of higher voltage arrays.?

He continues: ?We plan to exhibit the 14 x 65 series globally at the various InterSolar trade shows and demonstrate just what a significant breakthrough this advanced photovoltaic fuse link is.?

With the launch of the new 14 x 65mm Solar PV fuse links, part of a larger range of 1500V PV fuse links, Cooper Bussmann is providing an unrivalled choice of protection for PV system manufacturers, while increasing the scope for higher voltage systems to be protected.
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Posted by Gisela Bühl | 2011-09-20