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Companies develop new storage systems for the energy revolution | Europe

Companies develop new storage systems for the energy revolution

The greater the role renewable energy plays in supplying power, the more important storage systems become. Their growing significance is highlighted even further by the fact that, this year, more companies than ever before are listed under Intersolar Europe 2012?s energy storage systems product group. One example is ads-tec GmbH. The company from Leinfelden-Echterdingen, near Stuttgart, delivers complete energy storage systems including battery management and temperature control, and is exhibiting in Munich for the first time.

Also making their debut at Intersolar Europe 2012 is Clean Energy GmbH, a company from Aub, near Würzburg, which uses lithium yttrium iron phosphate batteries in its stationary applications. Leclanché GmbH, a manufacturing company from Switzerland, which owns a lithium-ion battery production facility in the German town of Kehl, is also exhibiting in Munich. Leclanché?s batteries are fitted with a patented ceramic separator made from an ion-conducting material which serves as a solid electrolyte. Further suppliers of storage solutions are listed in the energy storage systems product group on the Intersolar Europe 2012 website under Visitor Service Europe ? Exhibitor Index ? Exhibitors.

Intersolar Europe 2012?s accompanying program provides information about the latest developments in the field of storage systems. Experts introduce various battery technologies and their areas of application in the presentation series on Electricity Storage, which takes place during the Intersolar Europe Conference on June 11, 2012. A subsequent panel discussion clarifies which areas of use each storage system is best suited to.

The PV ENERGY WORLD special exhibit in hall C4, booth C4.230 uses exhibits and display boards to provide information on electricity storage and grid integration. Expert presentations give an insight into the current state of the art and present the measures and political conditions needed to achieve the highest possible share of solar energy in the grid.

The PV AND E-MOBILITY special exhibit uses several PV carports in the outdoor exhibition area of the Munich exhibition grounds between hall B5 and C4 to show how electric vehicles utilize battery and charging technology. The special exhibit gives you the chance to drive a solar-charged electric car in the test drive area, where thanks to the sun you can really put your foot down.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-05-04