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Bring me sunshine | Asia Pacific

Bring me sunshine

Vibrant, forward thinking, innovative and dynamic. Terms we can apply to the Indian economy and to the country?s solar power industry in particular. It?s one of the main reasons why J-Flex Solar enjoys working Indian companies that we have, the desire to get things done whilst embracing new technologies. That attitude makes us ideal business partners.

With over 30 years of experience, innovative development and a reputation for superb quality in polymer engineering, UK-based J-Flex Solar is a market leader in key sectors including food/beverage processing, oil/gas utilities, heating & insulation and solar photovoltaic. Processing thousands of tons of premium Silicone Rubber Sheeting each year for local and global customers, J-Flex Solar is now firmly established on the Asian continent with a permanent office in Mumbai, providing exceptional service to the flourishing solar power industry.
Our materials are essential components in the manufacture of solar panels. J-Flex Solar supply exacting, high quality laminator membranes (a.k.a. blankets and diaphragms), under the VAC-SIL® BRAND. This is the preferred choice for original equipment specification and for module lamination. It?s worth noting that VAC-SIL® membranes offer greater interchangeability on all leading lamination equipment ? a huge cost-saving with greatly reduced production ?down-time?.

Membranes are designed to laminate layers at high temperatures (typically 150o C). Solar panel manufacturers needed membranes that also offered flexibility, durability and consistency during repeated pressings in vacuum lamination. In short, what was required were high quality products, cost-effectiveness and zero production down-time. Disturbing reports from the market indicated variable quality standards, confusion as to membrane identification, poor interchangeability at lamination stage, restricted size range, weak seam joins and a lack of technical information, support and advice. The membranes were grey and so was the marketing hype.
J-Flex Solar enters the market with none of the identified poor quality issues and with all of the advantages that solar panel producers demand.

VAC-SIL® membranes are made from premium grade raw materials in laboratory- controlled production facilities. They are guaranteed to offer reliability, durability, consistency & thermal stability. These membranes have been successfully cross-referenced and installed as an approved replacement on most leading laminators.
VAC-SIL® is generally supplied as 3mm thick sheeting. When replacing other lower quality and thicker membranes, tests have revealed no detriment in life expectancy or cycle performance.
The supple flexibility of 3mm material is a real bonus in delicate vacuum application.
Our secret, though, is never to grow too big not to care about individual customers. We have addressed the issue by providing you with prompt and easy access to technical data sheets, a comprehensive product folder and free technical consultancy on all aspects relating to membranes and PTFE belt products. Naturally we want to do business with customers in India, but we believe passionately about our industry by offering advice and information.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-04-13