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Brendan Wood announces TopGun CEOs in Worldwide Energy | Northamerica

Brendan Wood announces TopGun CEOs in Worldwide Energy

Brendan Wood and Partners are pleased to announce the 2011-2012 results of its polling of the world?s most influential shareholders. The data identifying TopGun CEOs is part of Brendan Wood?s comprehensive debrief of investors concerning eleven core investment criteria one of which is the performance of the CEO. TopGun CEOs are clearly those who not only perform in a way that impresses but they also have the interest of their shareholders? uppermost in their thinking. The TopGun CEO designation is an expression of the highest level of confidence in the CEO by the owners of the company, namely, the investors who own the stock. ?There are eleven core criteria which drive the future performance of a company. In these times, which we refer to as the ?age of full disclosure?, the board of directors is increasingly accountable for the strategy and performance culture of the companies whose shareholders they represent. Their choice of CEO and the rapport between the company and the shareholders is the critical execution link. In many cases, the CEO is the architect of strategy? said Brendan Wood, Chairman, Brendan Wood International.

In some instances, a TopGun CEO will be selected for leading a company out of the doldrums or repairing its inefficiencies. Others are chosen because they lead the industry. In either case, the common factor in investor selection of TopGun CEOs is performance. ?TopGun CEOs realize who owns the company and behave accordingly. BottomGun CEOs and their retinue appear to view the company as a fiefdom and investors as an annoyance. The trend amongst investors to make boards more accountable to owners and less toward management has had a positive effect on the number of CEOs vying for higher levels of performance. There are simply more TopGun nominations this year? commented Mr. Wood.

There are approximately 3000 investors in Brendan Wood?s Worldwide Panel and approximately 2000 companies on the Brendan Wood?s Worldwide Shareholder Confidence Index.
Platinum = Top 8% to 10% of Industry
Gold and Silver = Top 16% to 20% of Industry
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-04-20