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BIPVW: an innovative solution to modern buildings | Asia Pacific

BIPVW: an innovative solution to modern buildings

The engineer from the company Atkeep, Mr. Zhu Wenxiang, has created an innovative green energy concept for modern buildings to make the best use of solar and wind power. The novel design, named as Building-Integrated PV and Wind (BIPVW), is featured by an optimal combination of wind energy, solar PV, and external shape of a building. The building consists of the central building, PV panels, vertical axis wind turbines, and auxiliary facilities. The central building is of round shape while the side buildings are of half circle. A wind-concentrating tunnel will be formed between the central building and the arcs of the side buildings to drive the VAWTs to generate power. It can be applied to energy-saving buildings.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-11-15