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Base load electricity from biomass also creates useable heat and sequesters carbon | Europe

Base load electricity from biomass also creates useable heat and sequesters carbon

ZeroPoint today announced that its biomass gasification solution produced carbon negative heat and power for the last half-month of its 2011 operations in Germany.

The carbon negative process utilizes biomass to create renewable gas and yields biochar as a co-product. Biochar is a highly stable form of sequestered carbon with multiple uses in agriculture and industry. Renewable gas from the ZeroPoint solution is burned in a gas engine to produce power for the local utility grid. The German project delivered power to the local grid for the last two weeks of 2011 operations that was sold pursuant to the German "Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz", (Renewable Energy Act). The gas and engine also produce useable heat. The ZeroPoint Solution can be deployed to produce renewable synthesis gas used in reciprocating engines, steam boilers, thermal applications, or co-firing with coal, oil, biogas or biomass.

"The last half month of continuous operation and power sales are an important milestone in demonstrating reliability," said CEO, John Gaus. "We fully expect to show higher throughputs and reliabilities and prove attractive project economics in the coming year." The Company intends to deploy a small number of turnkey plants in 2012 with knowledgeable adopters and for the purposes of jointly optimizing its solution for economic and environmental benefit in strategic market sectors. Those targets include; 1) municipal water treatment plants that can effectively consume base load power and heat as well as blend sludge with biomass, 2) remote markets that generate high cost electricity with diesel fuel and 3) landfill gas power plants where power output can be supplemented with renewable gas.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-01-04