Background information, trends and practical knowledge at the Intersolar Europe Conference

The Intersolar Europe Conference is once again opening its doors in 2012 alongside Intersolar Europe, the world?s largest exhibition for the solar industry. In total, 2,500 attendees and 400 speakers from around the world are set to meet at the conference (including the Side Events), held at the International Congress Centre Munich (ICM) from June 11?14, 2012. Discussions will shed light on the current conditions and developments across international markets as well as the latest technol-ogies and trends, covering the entire industry spectrum from photovoltaics to PV production technologies and solar thermal technologies. The highlights of this year?s conference program include Grid Stability, State-of-the-Art Storage Technologies and Large-Scale Photovoltaic Power Plants. Discussions surrounding solar thermal technolo-gies focus on topics such as Solar Heat for Industrial Processes, Solar Cooling and Solar Heating Concepts.
The Intersolar Europe Conference takes place this year from June 11−14, 2012 at the International Congress Centre Munich (ICM), kicking off two days ahead of Intersolar Europe, the world?s largest exhibition for the solar industry. At the conference, international experts from research, industry and industry associations examine and explore exhibition topics and trends. Over 40 sessions, pan-el discussions and workshops covering photovoltaics, PV production technologies and solar thermal technologies address key industry trends and topics. Various networking events provide numerous opportunities to meet international industry players, share experiences and maintain existing con-tacts.
Growth markets, power grids and technologies of the future
Many key markets worldwide are now faced with question of how politics and the economy will shape the energy revolution in the future. The first day of the conference therefore focuses on the various political, financial and legal conditions and requirements in different markets, with a double session on European markets opening the presentations. The Asian and North American markets take center stage on day two. The series concludes on Wednesday with individual sessions on the MENA region, India and emerging markets in rural areas.
The photovoltaics conference area focuses on Grid Integration and Storage Technologies. The Stor-age Technologies presentations on June 11, 2012 center on short and medium-term electrical storage systems such as lead acid, lithium ion, sodium nickel chloride and redox flow batteries. Speakers will shed light on the different areas of application and explain business and cost models for purchasing and operating the various storage systems. A further topic covers technical applica-tions for long-term electricity storage, including hydrogen-based and power-to-gas methods. This involves using electricity to generate hydrogen by means of electrolysis. The hydrogen is then used to produce natural gas, which can be stored in the gas grid and used as needed.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-03-30