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Back-contact module technology from Solland Solar and Schott Solar receives VDE certificat | Europe

Back-contact module technology from Solland Solar and Schott Solar receives VDE certificat

The German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE) has certified the back-contact module developed jointly by Solland Solar and Schott Solar in accordance with the IEC standard 61215 ed.2 & 61730. This is thus the first fully certified, mass manufactured module whose solar cells are manufactured on the basis of Metal Wrap Through (MWT) technology, are interconnected by a special back-contact foil located on the backside.

This development once again demonstrates the quality leadership and innovative performance that European module manufacturers have achieved. The back-contact module is a premium product that distinguishes itself from conventional module technologies thanks to the extremely clever way in which the backsides of the modules are connected to enable much better power flow. The backside contacts even minimize shadowing and resistive losses. In the highest performance class, for instance, the 60 multicrystalline cells contained in each module generate an energy yield of up to 260 W peak and offer efficiency of 16.4 percent.

This premium product also sets a new standard for attractive appearance. The unique visual appearance of the cells in combination with the black backside foil and frame produce a rather sophisticated and homogeneous overall design. The module is particularly well-suited for the roofs of private homes, due to the fact that it generates a high output per m².

The next step calls for Solland Solar to begin marketing the initial volumes produced during pilot manufacturing under the name Solland Sunweb. Furthermore, both companies plan to continue to work together on further developing their back-contact technology due to the immense potential it holds to increase efficiency and reduce costs. One of their goals is to apply the most recent successes Schott Solar has had in developing monocrystalline cells that even resulted in a high efficiency of 20.2 percent to this MWT technology.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-11-30