AS Solar & Bossi inaugurate 1MW in-roof photovoltaic power plant in Italy

AS Solar celebrates the inauguration of the 2nd largest integrated PV plant in Italy. The photovoltaic plant, owned by AS Solar, covers an area of approximately 7000m2 and was installed shortly after the asbestos removal. The 997kWp photovoltaic power plant is on the roof of Bossi industrial complex located in Cameri (NO),Italy. Since 1907, BOSSI has been producing fabrics for clothing and household linen.
Due to the feed-in bonus tariff, the PV plant is comprised of two different sections: the original building from 1907 (from which the asbestos was removed) and the newer office complex. A total of 4641 Sanyo HIP-215NKHE5 modules and 99 SMA inverters (Sunny Mini Central and Sunny Boy) were used to complete the project.
With almost 1MW Sanyo modules and SMA inverters nearing triple digits, the inauguration of the PV plant presented Mr. Komatzu, Managing Director of Sanyo Solar Europe and Mr. Valerio Natalizia, CEO of SMA Italy a unique opportunity to visit the plant and show support. The annual production of electricity is estimated to be 1,149,699 kWh with a reduction in CO2 emissions by almost 79,490.12 tons.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-10-21