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Arnold Group exhibiting again at the SNEC PV in Shanghai | Asia Pacific

Arnold Group exhibiting again at the SNEC PV in Shanghai

On the sixth SNEC in Shanghai, the internationally working Arnold Group, based in Weilburg/Germany, presents machinery and solutions for the efficient production of silicon bricks with a high degree of automation at their booth 665 in hall E1. The "International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition", held from 16 to 18 May 2012 in the New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, is seen worldwide - after the "Intersolar Europe" - as the second largest solar exhibition.

As one of the few internationally recognized companies, Arnold designs and manufactures process and automation technology for the broad spectrum of silicon processing from a single block. The core competence is in addition to the mechanical process of cutting, grinding and glueing, in the automation of complete processing lines of mono-and multicrystalline silicon ingots and blocks. The necessary software tools for monitoring, evaluation and archiving of the production processes and associated quality control are also being developed by Arnold and adapted to new challenges. Only through this combination of innovative targeted individual machines, complete processing centers or customized complete systems with advanced process automation, a profitable and competitive wafer manufacturing is possible today.

During the SNEC Arnold will present at the booth 3D animations and complete process automation concepts for the processing of mono- and mul-ticrystalline silicon ingots: cutting, grinding, including subsequent glueing process.

Thanks to innovative cutting unit with thin-blade sawing technique within the Arnold cropping machines, highest precision cuts will be obtained at mono- and multicrystalline silicon ingots and bricks. Compared with local manufacturers an additional working step (extensive reworking by grinding) after the cutting process of silicon brick is unnecessary. Compared with conventional blades with 3.5 millimeters more than 50 percent average loss of silicon can be saved. Compact videos illustrate already installed process-ing lines at the booth.

The cropping centre for monocrystalline ingot processing, already an-nounced end of 2011, has been implemented and is available now. The cropping machine, type 72/454, enables the automatic cutting of top and tail pieces, test wafers as well as cutting to length of monocrystalline ingots in columns from 250 to 1,000 millimeters, and completes the previous product-portfolio in this segment. In the easily accessible loading area up to 3,000 mm long ingots are taken. The cropping centre is available for testing and demonstration purposes in the Arnold factory in Weilburg by appointment.

In machines from Arnold all required machine data, processes and adjust-ments are collected, analyzed, stored and visualized with the help of the Arnold remote production analysis tool (Arpat). Via an open interface those data are communicated to the higher-level Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

A unique feature is the software tool AEPS (Arnold Easy Programming Sys-tem) in the glueing cell supplied by Arnold. With this device plant operators can now provide and edit by themselves not only movement but also process parameters within the robot and glueing control to an extend permitted. Intuitively, and without any expert knowledge. The core of the glueing cell is a centrally-positioned industrial robot. The relevant process steps for cleaning, dosing, glueing, joining and curing are created automatically and optimally.

In addition, Arnold is designing and manufacturing machines for processing polysilicon. During the SNEC the round grinding machine type NC 559/200 for end machining of polycrystalline silicon rods will be presented.

At this important platform for the entire solar industry, SNEC, approximately 2,000 exhibitors and 5,000 professionals on about 150,000 square feet of exhibition space and over 200,000 visitors are expected. The Arnold specialists will be available at their booth for information and discussions during the whole exhibition. Especially for those, interested and coming from the host country, the team is supported by Chinese-speaking employees.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-04-02