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Ambassadors from 37 countries accredited in Spain visit Acciona’s facilities | Europe

Ambassadors from 37 countries accredited in Spain visit Acciona?s facilities

A large diplomatic representation, consisting of 37 ambassadors and senior civil servants accredited in Spain, visited ACCIONA Energy facilities in Navarre (Navarra) today within the framework of an initiative by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation aimed at showcasing centers of excellence in industry, energy and technology that represent the reality of the Spanish economy.

The program for the visit, which began with an official reception by the President of Navarre, Yolanda Barcina, included technology facilities and centers related to the renewable energy sector located in the region. One of the places visited was ACCIONA Energy?s Renewable Energy Control Center (CECOER), the biggest in the world in clean technologies, which monitors the operation of 300 electricity generation plants located in fourteen countries in four continents.

Another stop on the visit was ACCIONA?s biomass plant near SangĂĽesa, a pioneering facility in southern Europe in the use of straw for the production of electricity. It generates power equivalent to the consumption of 60,000 homes per annum, based on the combustion of 160,000 metric tones of this agricultural waste product.

The visitors, accompanied by the Spanish Government Delegate in Navarre, Elma Sáiz, included a large group of European ambassadors from Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Sweden, Cyprus and the Ukraine, and senior civil servants from the United Kingdom and Germany.

America was represented by ambassadors from Canada, Guatemala, Bolivia, Uruguay, Haiti, Colombia, El Salvador and Brazil, and the person responsible for Energy in the US embassy.

Asia was also well represented, through the presence of the ambassadors of Indonesia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Israel and the Philippines, and a senior civil servant from India. The delegation was completed by the Australian ambassador and those of three African countries: Kenya, Gambia and Mali.

The delegation from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC) was headed by the Director-General of International Economic Relations and Energy Affairs, José Eugenio Salarich, who was accompanied by senior members of his department.

ACCIONA was represented by JoaquĂ­n Mollinedo, General Manager for Institutional Relations. He thanked the Ministry for its initiative and underlined that ?we are very proud to be able to show such a wide-ranging and high-level diplomatic representation the work our company is doing to create a more sustainable energy system, a global objective that cannot be postponed and to which ACCIONA is firmly committed?.

For his part, ACCIONA Energy General Manager Rafael Mateo welcomed the ambassadors to the company?s premises and highlighted ACCIONA?s position as ?one of the world leaders in renewable energies, exclusively dedicated to renewables and committed to their technological development?. After thanking the ambassadors for their visit, he expressed his confidence that they would also drive clean energy initiatives in their respective countries.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-09-16