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Alstom Grid selected to upgrade Distribution Management System for Stedin | Europe

Alstom Grid selected to upgrade Distribution Management System for Stedin

Alstom Grid, the global expert in electrical grid performance, has been selected to upgrade Stedin?s existing Distribution Management System to the latest e-terradistribution solution, with the objective of providing higher grid efficiency, better reliability, improved fault analysis and switching management. This project represents a cornerstone in the utility?s strategy toward a full-scale deployment of smart distribution automation technologies and integration of green energy sources into the Dutch distribution grid.

Stedin is one of the largest distribution utilities in the Netherlands. It provides electricity and gas to over 2 million private, corporate, and government customers and one of the largest harbors in the world. Strongly focused on innovation and continuous improvement of quality of services for its customers, Stedin has initiated an ambitious smart grid roadmap to create a stronger, more efficient and reliable electric grid.

Alstom?s e-terradistribution, a suite of software applications designed for electric distribution utilities, will provide improved customer satisfaction through enhanced fault location, isolation and service restoration, while increasing internal efficiency through its integrated automated switching plan management. e-terradistribution?s open architecture integrated with advanced grid optimization applications paves the way for the adoption of green energy sources, community energy storage and plug-in electric vehicles.

?Alstom Grid has been a trusted partner for many years. The company shares our vision of providing a reliable, efficient, and safe grid through advanced technology?, said Marko Kruithof, Manager Grid Coordination, Stedin. ?Alstom?s upgraded integrated DMS will give our dispatchers increased visibility into our network and will provide them with real-time detailed information to reduce the impact of outages on our customers,? Marko Kruithof continued.

? e-terradistribution?s integrated suite of smart distribution applications is built on a state-of-theart IT platform and will enable Stedin to reduce the complexity of switching and fault management and also optimize costs by using advanced fault location, isolation and service restoration applications. We are pleased to continue our collaboration and partnership with Stedin to support their vision for smart, safe, sustainable and secure electrical grid,? said Karim El Naggar, Vice President, Network Management Solutions, Alstom Grid.

Alstom also provided Stedin with its existing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Energy Management System (EMS).
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Posted by Gisela Bühl | 2012-03-12