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Alstom Grid ready to produce 800kV HVDC transformers in Brazil | Latinamerica

Alstom Grid ready to produce 800kV HVDC transformers in Brazil

Alstom Grid has opened a new 800 kV test laboratory, designed for the testing and production of power transformers at its factory in Canoas, Brazil.

This ?24 million investment extends the capabilities of Alstom Grid?s Canoas factory to be able to design, manufacture and test AC (Alternating Current) and HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) transformers up to 800 kV, the highest DC voltage level in operation today. First tests will support the production of converter transformers for the longest transmission line HVDC project in the world: Rio Madeira.

As in other parts of the world, Latin America is experiencing a growing need to interconnect transmission grids and to transmit power over very long distances from remote points of generation, which require the use of HVDC technologies. An example is the Rio Madeira project for which Alstom Grid is currently delivering a 600 kV HVDC bipole. This bipole will be integrated with the world?s longest transmission line - 2,375 kilometres - to connect the new hydro power plants of the Madeira river (Santo Antônio and Jirau) to Brazil?s Southeastern region, which has the largest power consumption in the country. Several transformers for this project will be supplied by Alstom from its Canoas site.

?This investment in Canoas is part of Alstom Grid?s commitment to developing advanced high voltage technologies close to our customers and where they are needed. Alstom is already delivering major HVDC projects in the region, and we expect a growing demand in the future, which will generate more jobs and local skills,? says Grégoire Poux-Guillaume, President of Alstom Grid.

Over its 50 year history, Alstom Grid?s Canoas site has been recognised as a major provider of power transformers, reactors and related services to utilities, power generators and industrial customers throughout Latin America and globally. Today, it is one of Alstom?s 12 power transformer factories and five transformer R&D competence centres located worldwide, and is backed by Alstom?s technological expertise and industrial experience in power transformers for all grid applications.

?We reinforce our expectation of growth in Brazil at this moment in which power is one of the industries that receives most investments in the context of infrastructure projects. Our next steps include increasing the use of Smart Grid and energy efficiency solutions,? adds Sergio Gomes, Alstom Grid?s Latin America Region Vice President.

Alstom?s Grid sector has 1,300 employees in Brazil, located in three sites (Água Branca, Itajubá and Canoas).

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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-10-06