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50 years innovating in magnetic | Europe

50 years innovating in magnetic

On Friday March 2nd of 1962 was a sunny day in Barcelona, like today. The city had awakened with the news of the accident on Long Island where many celebrities died, at that time the producer of the famous war film The Guns of Navarone.
JFK is the US President and every movement of Jacqueline was followed by the world tabloid now announced that she would visit Rome.
In China, Mao continued to build its own political project and distanced itself from the USSR. Just three years before, a bearded in Sierra Maestra (Cuba) had established a socialist regime to the gates of the U.S.
Western Europe lived frantic the growing, importing many downtown workers from the South as many as possible, looking worried to the East by the Cold War and to the southern with the remnants of post-colonial wars. That day, the front page of ?La Vanguardia? newspaper, was a hope for peace in the Algerian War.
Vietnam had changed to the French by the Americans and were still fighting for their independence.

This day the rock-star singer Bon Jovi was born, when astronaut Glenn is received between crowds in New York as a hero of the nation by its last vicissitude with NASA.
In Spain it is a furor the Flex Mattress, the Tergal (Polyester fabrics) and TV-sets like Inter, Iberia and Lavis brands.
That was the day on which an industrial and pushing Catalonia, which received constant migration, some enterprising, and experienced, which had been a few years before factory equipment of Radio and Television, Lavis, form a company to manufacture Electronics-assemblies and components, hence Premo. The spirit of the founding partners, Mr. Vila, Mr. Soteras and Mr. Palau, was continued a decade and a half later by Mr. Gazo and Mr. Rodriguez, who maintain values and culture but make the company to an international player with aspirations of excellence and distinction until 2006. Since then, we have continued to refine and innovative global profile of our company, positioning it in the most important worldwide technology sectors with RFID and the Electric Vehicle.
A company is its people, who are more than 600 and thousands people who were, their environments, customers and suppliers, their physical surroundings, economic and social development. Main objective, often repeated by Rodriguez is last. We have done it 50 years and we worked to get it 50 more, with the commitment of all.
Congratulations to all, Congratulations to Premo.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2012-03-06