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10 MW PV plants installed and connected to the grid in just two months in Italy | Europe

10 MW PV plants installed and connected to the grid in just two months in Italy

With each passing day, Italy is getting closer to 10 GW threshold of installed photovoltaic power connected to the national grid. And Espe Sunparc Srl, the Italian company specializing in design, installation and management of highly performing solar farms, is playing its role by completing 10 new solar farms at record speed, for a total of 10 MW.
In just two months, July and August 2011, Espe Sunparc - recently created by joining the know-how of the two highly experienced technical teams of Espe Srl and Silfab Spa - opened ten construction sites in five different Italian regions: Veneto, Marche, Molise, Lazio and Apulia. As of yesterday, all ten solar farms have started their production. A record time of only 20 days was set in Veneto from the opening of the construction site and the connection of the new 1 MW plant to the grid. This solar farm, together with another built near Viterbo, includes Espe Sunparc's monoaxial solar trackers SSK15, which guarantee a 20% enhanced perfomance. With the performance of over 40,000 photovoltaic crystalline silicon modules, amongst the best and highest rated European products, the ten solar farms allow for an estimated annual energy production of 14 million kWh which corresponds to a reduction of 7,200 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and is equal to the annual energy needs of approximately 4,000 average households.
Furthermore, Espe Sunparc has just received official confirmation of the high Performance Ratio of its plants by an independent consulting firm specialized in energy management, Galileia Srl, a spin-off of the University of Padua. The due diligence was performed by Galileia Srl on a number of Espe Sunparc plants that started production in 2010. The assessed Performance Ratio (portion of generated current which can actually be delivered to the grid, taking into account energy losses and self-consumption by the solar farm itself) was found to be well over the market standard of 80%.
These achievements validate the longstanding technical expertise of the two companies, Espe Srl and Silfab Spa, which were able to horizontally integrate their know-how and together through Espe Sunparc offer high performance and exceptional quality coupled with a remarkably short installation time.
Given these important results, Espe Sunparc's mission becomes even more strategically important not only within Italy, where the company?s business is significant in relation to the solar farms already approved by the fourth ?Conto Energia?, but also in the international market. Espe Sunparc is already operating in the U.S. and in Canada through Espe Sunparc America, and in the Eastern Europe through Espe Sunparc Bulgaria. Espe Sunparc Romania will be created in the near future, capitalizing on more than 15 years of Espe Group?s activity in the energy field in Romania.
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Posted by Gloria Llopis | 2011-09-06