Interviews to read online

Albert Mitjà, Renewable Energies and Electric Vehicles Director at Schneider Electric

"We must open the door to instantaneous self-consumption for residential clients" Continue reading >>

Ricardo Ortega, Chairman of Kallman Chile, the organiser of IFT ENERGY 2013 at Kallman Chile

"IFT ENERGY 2013: meeting point for the energy, mining and infrastructure industries" Continue reading >>

Carlos Finat, Executive Director at ACERA (Chilean Association of Renewable Energy)

"The 20/20 objective is achievable and will benefit energy prices" Continue reading >>

Peter Becker, Managing Director at HUSUM WindEnergy trade fair

"Technological innovations are needed in order to survive" Continue reading >>

Carlos Navarro, President and Founder at Siliken

"Today, Siliken is a company manufacturing and distributing PV components, holding an 80% market share" Continue reading >>

Gordon Sutherland, Senior Project Officer of the Energy-efficiency at EU Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation

"The Intelligent Energy Europe Programme supported a number of projects that helped to inform the policy making process at EU level" Continue reading >>

Peter Franklin, Managing Director at BTU Europe

"The recession caused by the banking crisis came on top of a difficult time for the PV industry in Europe" Continue reading >>

Jörg Michael Henkel, New member of the board at Schott Solar

"Even more in tune with market" Continue reading >>

Javier Villanueva, Managing Director at Centrosolar Spain

"The changing trends in Germany, Italy and France will mean a new challenge for the entire PV industry" Continue reading >>

Cedric Ballay, CEO(Spain & Portugal) at GE Industrial Solutions

"We are at the beginning of a revolution in mobility" Continue reading >>

Gaetan Borgers, Global Industry Director at Dow Corning Solar

"As a supplier of products used throughout the whole value chain of the PV industry" Continue reading >>

Hans-Georg Schweikardt, Head of Product Management at Sputnik Spain

"What market requests more is high skilled value after sales service" Continue reading >>

Fernando Sánchez, General Manager at Sputnik Spain

"What market requests more is high skilled value after sales service" Continue reading >>

Winfried Hoffmann, President at EPIA

"PV will offer every European citizen the chance to become a prosumer" Continue reading >>

Pedro Correia de Carvalho, CEO at Richworld Renewables

"The quality and delivery performance are a top priority for Richworld Renewables" Continue reading >>
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