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Jörg Michael Henkel (New member of the board at Schott Solar): "Even more in tune with market"

Interviews > Jörg Michael Henkel, New member of the board at Schott Solar

Jörg Michael Henkel "Even more in tune with market"

Mr Henkel, what are your goals for your new position with Schott Solar?

Schott Solar has built its success on outstanding products and strong brand familiarity. These have allowed the company to buck the trend for the rest of the industry and increase its revenues even during a difficult year. As such, we see ourselves as tremendously well positioned for future success in the market environment that we're currently experiencing. We have no intention of resting on our laurels, though. Quite the contrary, we're planning on improving the company, the products and the Schott Solar brand. There are several points where we see even more room for improvement: getting even more in tune with the market and our partners, for example.

What does that mean in concrete terms?

The solar industry is unbelievably fast moving. The only way to keep up and thrive with that speed is to keep your ear to the ground and be present at the local level. That means that we'll continue to dispatch sales staff and regional managers to provide optimal support for our partners and fitters in the regions.

Which segments will see more focus?

Schott Solar has raised its market share in the "In-roof units up to 10 kWp" segment. Our clear goal is to transfer that success to the segment involving bigger units up to 1 MWp. We want to grow stronger internationally in general Asia in particular is very interesting as a region. I see very good potential for Schott Solar, not least because we're moving forward with tremendous innovation in our products like the new SCHOTT Perform Mono.

You've stated that Schott Solar is the best known brand. What are you basing that on?

That was the finding in a recent survey of fitters. Asked which module manufacturers they could name, 62 percent answer Schott Solar. We want to build on those results for the coming year and make our brands even better known internationally.
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